StartXchange Autoclicker Bot

Thursday, 27 August 2015

StartXchange Autoclicker Bot

Posted by Dattatraya Dokfode
I created a bot for a manual traffic exchange called StartXchange. It was built with WinAutomation (trial version) and it uses a tool called imagemagick to defeat the CAPTCHAs.

To run it you need to:
- Create a folder called "ProgramData" like this - C:\ProgramData
- Download and install imagemagic -
- Disable all popups in IE

I tested it and it still works very well. With some luck it can run for hours without crashing. I'm not sure but I think it also collects "surf prizes" and runs in the background.

This was done 100% by me and no one else has it (until now). This is the only bot for StartXchange that seems to be available online.

One year ago I used this bot to gather thousands of points and used them in dozens of websites. I reached the amazing conclusion that traffic from exchanges is total garbage. However remember that 1000 hits = $10 in this exchange.

VirusTotal scan:

Have fun!

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