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Earn Cash for Referring your Friends


 Earn Cash for Referring your Friends

How To Earn?

1. Click the envelope image above and on the pop-up window enter your friend's email address and your comments about Paid To Read Email website.

2. Your friend will receive an invitation from you personally to join Paid To Read Email.

3. You'll be credited 15% of your referrals' earnings for completing offers, taking surveys and shopping online.

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First of all, thank you for choosing us. At Fast List Mailer you're in the right place if you want Fast, Easy and Effective email advertising. Just head over to the member mailer and send your ad right away or follow the steps below to get fully set-up. Our #1 Tip is to collect as many credits as possible so you can send your email to more members and get more traffic to your website.

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  • 5 Paid to Signup Offer Credits ( $5.25 Value )
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  • 50000 Banner Credits ( $5.25 Value )
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    - Free Advertising Credits
    - PTCWall Earnings 
    - $1.00 Minimum payouts (Standard Members) 
    - $0.50 Minimum payouts (Premium Members) 
    - Limited Referral Earnings (Standard Members)
    - Unlimited Referrals (Premium Members)
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    Refer your friends to our site and watch your earnings grow faster


    Refer your friends to our site and watch your earnings grow faster. You get paid 20% of what they earn!

    Simply promote this URL and watch your earnings grow. The more you promote, the more you earn!
    Not sure where to promote to get the best results? Check out where others are promoting on our TOP Traffic page.

    Publisher program details

    By counting both unique and non-unique visits per 24 hour period and per user, adds up to a potential of $0.0005 per valid source (IP)/day. So start promoting your PTP link on various allowed sites such as Paid-To-Click, Manual Traffic Exchanges, Revshare sites, Grid & Prize programs, Social media, etc while following the rules outlined within our terms. 

    Not having any means to promote? No problem! Check out our SURF module where you get paid $0.000200 per surfed site. That's an easy $0.25/day for surfing all our daily ads. 

    Refer your friends & family to our site (separate internet connection & computer required for each user) and watch your earnings grow even faster. You get paid 20% of what they earn from both our PTP and SURF modules! 

    We do not have any limits on potential earnings nor on the amount of referrals you may have. At rotate4all, even the sky's no limit!

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    Signing Up for PayPal

    PayPal is one of the most popular and trusted ways to send and receive money online. Using PayPal is simple once you set up an account. You set up your account by creating a password and entering your information. You can receive money from friends, family members, or clients from work. You can also spend money from your PayPal account at many online businesses. After a while, you'll get the hang of how PayPal works.
    Signing Up for PayPal
     Image titled Use PayPal Step 1
    1. 1Click Sign Up" on the PayPal website. To create ymoney via PayPal, they will need your e-mail address. Make sure, when requesting to receive money via PayPal, you give people the e-mail address associated with your account and not a different address.Image titled Use PayPal Step 7
    1. 2
      Request money via PayPal. You can send requests for money through PayPal by logging onto your account. Click "tools", then "Request Money." Enter the amount of money you wish to receive and the e-mail or phone number of the person you're requesting it from. Then click, "Request Money."
      • This is a good tool if you need to send someone a gentle reminder they owe you money. For example, if a friend borrowed money from you for something, you can send them a reminder of the amount via PayPal.Image titled Use PayPal Step 8
    2. 3
      Send invoices via PayPal. If you do any kind of freelance work, you can easily invoice your hours using PayPal. After hitting the "Request Money" tab, you can select "Invoice" from the menu along the top of the page. You then fill out a form where you provide details of the services you provided, your hours, your rates, and the total amount owed.Image titled Use PayPal Step 9
    3. 4
      Link PayPal with sites like eBay. If you sell things online, on sites like eBay, most sites will allow you to link your account to your PayPal. This way, when customers make purchases, their money will automatically be directed to your PayPal account. Every site has a different procedure for linking your PayPal account, but you usually just need to enter the e-mail associated with your PayPal and possibly some personal information.

    Spending Money Via PayPal

    1. 1
      Deposit money. Even if your PayPal is empty, PayPal can draw from your bank to make payments. However, some people prefer to have money in their PayPal account itself. To put money in your PayPal account, log onto your account and then click "Transfer Money." You can then transfer money to your PayPal account through the bank account linked to your account.Image titled Use PayPal Step 11
    2. 2
      Send money to others via PayPal. If you owe someone money, it's easy to send it via PayPal. Simply click the "Transfer Money" option. Enter the amount and the e-mail address of the person who's receiving the money. Then, hit "send."[11]
      • Make sure you use the correct e-mail address. The e-mail address you use should be the e-mail the other person uses for PayPal.Image titled Use PayPal Step 12
    3. 3
      Make online purchases using PayPal. Many sites have a "Pay with PayPal" button at check out. If you choose this button, you usually just have to enter the e-mail address associated with your account to pay. This can be a lot quicker than entering credit card information.Image titled Use PayPal Step 13
    4. 4
      Transfer money into your bank account. Once money is in your PayPal account, you can withdraw it at any time. Hit the "Transfer" button and then transfer your money directly into the bank account linked with your PayPal. This takes about one business day.Image titled Use PayPal Step 14
    5. 5
      Get a PayPal debit card. If you use PayPal frequently, you can request approval for a PayPal debit card. This works like a regular debit card, but it takes money directly from your PayPal account. It's best if you need immediate access to your PayPal money. It's accepted anywhere that takes cards, as well as most ATMs. You can withdraw up to $400 a day if you use a PayPal debit card.
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