व्हिडिओ कॉलिंगनंतर WhatsAppचं नवं फीचर!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

व्हिडिओ कॉलिंगनंतर WhatsAppचं नवं फीचर!

Posted by Dattatraya Dokfode

व्हॉट्स अॅपचं सध्या 'स्टेटस टॅब'वर काम सुरु आहे. नुकतंच व्हिडिओ कॉलिंग फीचर लाँच केल्यानंतर आता व्हॉट्स अॅपचं नवं इंटरफेज समोर आलं आहे. WhatsApp has been quite aggressive recently in rolling out a host of new features for Android and iOS users of the app. With the launching of the latest feature resembling Snapchat, WhatsApp has made it possible for the users to scribble, write and add emojis on photographs. This feature was first spotted on WhatsApp’s Android beta version. For its iOS 10 users to WhatsApp is planning to unveil features which will make it possible for users to send messages and make voice calls with the help of Siri.
या स्टेटस बारमुळे तुम्ही तुमच्या कॉन्टॅक्टसोबत तुमचा फोटो निश्चित वेळेपर्यंत शेअर करु शकता. हे फीचर बरचंस इंस्टाग्रामचं स्टोरी आणि स्नॅपचॅटच्या स्टोरीसारखं आहे. The latest version of iOS will have the video call and GIF support. Many other new features have been reported to be launched by the tech company soon which includes an upgrade in the WhatsApp camera, featuring the front facing flash and one-finger video zoom. According to reports, the messaging platform is likely to unblock the Telegram link, which it had blocked a few months ago. Here are the top new features recently included or to look forward to in the WhatsApp messaging application:
ज्यामध्ये फोटो क्लिक करुन त्यात टेक्स्ट आणि इमोजी अॅड करु शकतो. हे फोटो कॉन्टॅक्ट लिस्टमध्ये असणाऱ्या लोकांना एका निश्चित वेळेपर्यंत दिसेल.
यासोबतच यूजर आपलं स्टेट्स काही मोजक्या लोकांसाठी ठेऊ शकतो. किंवा सर्व कॉन्टॅक्ट्ससाठी ठेऊ शकतो.

Flash for selfies:
With the new screen flash, WhatsApp’s upgraded camera will make it possible to click selfies in the dark. For low light conditions, especially for smartphones with no flash in the front, this feature will be hit. The front flash feature has already been introduced in a lot of smartphones. This works by lighting up the screen when pictures are taken in the dark. Apart from that, there is also the new feature of one-finger video zoom which was not present earlier. With this latest feature, users will be able to shoot videos with the ability to zoom in and out. In order to use this feature, the users will have to slide their finger up and down for zooming in and out respectively. First Snapchat then Instagram, both of them have already introduced this feature. The WhatsApp’s camera is the only place where this can work.
Like-Snapchat, Like-Instagram:
The editing tool feature will give users the ability to click pictures with the app camera and then write, add emojis and crop on the photos. This was first seen on the Android Beta version of the app. Many new stickers and emojis have been introduced in the platform including dialogue balloons. Users will even be able to reverse the changes by the use of Undo button. When the users click a picture, a set of tools appear on top which can be used to edit. The colour palette can be used to select colours for writing texts. This is very similar to Snapchat and Instagram.
SIRI Integration:
With an aim to integrate the voice assistant app by Apple, SIRI, WhatsApp will unveil many new features. The move by the messaging platform will assist users to send and receive voice and text messages via SIRI. It is also speculated that the WhatsApp calls can directly be answered now from the lock screen. A WhatsApp button will be integrated with the contact list to make calls. In the Android beta version of WhatsApp, the video call feature was seen. But later it was taken down my the makers. WhatsApp has been speculated to add GIFs in iOS which will make the current generation of social media junkies very happy.